Homes for sale in The Palisades

There are 22 homes for sale for less than $600,000

There are 13 homes for sale for less than $800,000, but more than $600k

There are 11 homes for sale for less than $1,000,000, but more than $800k

There are 11 homes for sale for more than $1,000,000

Within the larger community of The Palisades there are 16 sub-communities that correspond to different price points. Homes in Briar Cliff (one of the sub-communities) for example, start in the mid 300′s. Homes in the new Montage sub-community start at $1.3 million, and the larger 1 acre homesites in the Ranch will feature 2.5- 3.5M homes and is the site of Homearama 2008. Please click below to see an interactive map of The Palisades.

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