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Each month, reaches over 50,000 unique visitors who look at nearly 1 million pages of contentIf you have a product or service and you're looking to leverage the credibility of to reach a highly targeted audience, this is the place.

  • We offer the Leaderboard (728x90) and Rectangle (300x250) sizes for purchase priced on a CPM basis (cost per 1000 impressions).

  • We do have a minimum amount that you'll need to buy. Please make sure you put your budget amount in the appropriate form field below.

  • We also offer one day site takeovers which include a background graphic, a featured posting, and display banners. These are highly customized campaigns, so please, serious inquiries only.

Again, this page is ONLY if you're making a inquiry about PAID DISPLAY ADVERTISING on

Also, please note that at this time, we do not offer paid placement of your listings or events or announcements. 

If you're simply looking to post your content on the site, there is a better way to do that,  for free. Yes, seriously, really, free. 

Realtors, Listings, Announcements, Events, Photos, and Video Submissions... 
If you're interested in submitting listings, announcements, events, photos, or videos to the site, all you need is a free RealtyAssociated user account. You can create your own blog postings, and easily add your listings, announcements, events, photos, videos, and pictures. Then, simply let the editorial team know about them by posting the link to your profile page or blog posting here

It's simple, it's free, we encourage it, and it's the ONLY way that you'll get the direct attention of the editorial staff. They check this board all day, everyday, and feature the best content. PLEASE, do not spam this board. Once is plenty. Seriously, they look at and listen to everything that is posted. Promise. If they like it, you may end up on the homepage of

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